Saturday, August 20, 2016

Black Lagoon - Two Face

One more new wallpaper :-)
Black Lagoon -> Roberta -> original art by the author of the manga Hiroe Rei.
I really like the tone and style of the illustration by Hiroe Rei I used to make this wallpaper... in general I like the color scheme I used to create this wall. I just wonder.. why do I not use it more often in my wallpapers.. hmmm...

This wallpaper was really quick done. I only browsed my Black Lagoon images and was like: "Hm, I need to make wallpaper from this image one day.." I did trow it to PS and only started to try things up and it ended up to be finished :-P
Like always I hope you will like it.

Name: Two Face
Series: Black Lagoon
Resolution & Link: 2560x1600 (16:10)

Wallpaper made from:
- 21 layers
- 3 masks
- 2 adjustments
- 1 layer styles
- brushes by SyanArt

Overwatch - Tracer

Next wallpaper.
To the game Overwatch... to a game that I did not played :-P
I think it is just overpriced, if it would be 20€ I would probably buy it... but... but it is not important, back to the wallpaper :-)
So I did decide to make a wallpaper with the icon character of this game. It did not took too much time to finish, but like mostly I was not sure with the background.
Hope you will like this wallpaper.

Name: Tracer
Game: Overwatch
Resolution & Link: 2560x1600 (16:10)

Wallpaper made from:
- 33 layers
- 8 masks
- 0 adjustments
- 3 layer styles
- brushes by SyanArt

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

CANAAN - emotions

A new wallpaper... and not after few months :-)
The idea for this wallpaper just pop-up in my mind when I was making something else in photoshop (not the previous IkkiTousen wallpaper... something else before). And from beginning I did know witch character I will use. Alphard.
Alphard is one of my most favorite characters.. one of the most bad ass characters... oh I wish so much to see her in new anime. A second season of CANAAN, or in some OVA, or a movie dedicated to her.. that would be so great...
OK, ok.. I stop dreaming now. Sooo... I hope you will like this wallpaper ;-)

Name: emotions
Series: CANAAN
Resolution & Link:
- 2560x1600 (16:10)
- 2560x1440 (16:9)

Wallpaper made from:
- 29 layers
- 14 masks
- 2 adjustments
- 4 layer styles
- brushes by SyanArt

Friday, July 22, 2016

IkkiTousen - It is Wrong...

Here is my new wallpaper. This one is a little different (I think).

This wallpaper should at first look much different, very much... but with the time I worked on it and did re-do many things on it.. I started from zero.
And also when I started from zero, I did go a little other direction then it did ended. To this form I did come so that while I was making background I did draw a shape.. and it looked little like a hand. Then I was like "Oh, that is good idea"... few seconds later "No.. it is bad idea.. it is so inappropriate.. it would look like molesting.. it is wrong!"... Soooo I did not use it and tried something different... which did not worked for me for some reason.
After moving, adding, removing things I was like "let's try it with the hand"... "it looks good.. but it is wrooong!" And boom the idea and rest of the wallpaper was there :-)

This wallpaper have a massage. It is wrong to molest, don't do it. That's it... be polite, be good, be nice, but you already know that ;-)

This wallpaper is in two versions, one 'normal' version & the second is 'censored' version (move mouse on preview to see different)

Name: It is Wrong...
Series: Ikkitousen: Xtreme Xecutor
Resolution & Link:
1920x1200 (16:10)
1920x1200 (16:10) censored
1920x1080 (16:9)
1920x1080 (16:9) censored

Wallpaper made from:
- 39 layers
-- 1 renders
- 9 masks
- 1 adjustments
- 25 layer styles

Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Rivals - Final Fantasy VII

I'm back with new wallpaper.
I started this wallpaper cca. 2 months ago. I did most the work on it back then, but... then: no time, work... then Dark Souls III... and I did forgot a little about it. But it is here so I remembered and finished it :-)
It should be just a simple one and it is. But still it was much more work and layers then I was thinking (maybe because I start to get rusty in PS).
OK, so I hope you will like my new Final Fantasy VII wallpaper (yes, yes, I know, Cloud & Sephiroth are from DISSIDIA: Final Fantasy concept art so it should be under that game and not FF7, but who cares (I care, but ... pssss)).

Name: The Rivals
Resolution & Link:
1920x1200 (16:10):

Wallpaper made from:
- 32 layers
-- 3 renders
- 6 masks
- 1 adjustments
- 8 layer styles
- renders: Final Fantasy Wiki
- brushes by SyanArt

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Bakuretsu Tenshi - Angel from Hell

Here is my new wallpaper (maybe last this this year). I have not much to tell about it.. just a wallpaper with Yo from Bakuretsu Tenshi (Burst Angel). I did have idea for this wallpaper after I used one of my previous Bakuretsu Tenshi wallpapers: "hmm I could make new wall using that vector".
I hope you will like this wallpaper.

Name: Angel from Hell
Resolution & Link:
2560x1600 (16:10):

Wallpaper made from:
- 40 layers
-- 1 vector*
- 6 masks
- 4 adjustments
- 1 layer styles
- *vector made by Alorora
- brushes by SyanArt

Monday, October 12, 2015


Hello everyone.
One again after long time I did make a new wallpaper.
I did started to work on this wallpaper in April, but then I kind of did not have time and motivation to work on it (or on other wallpaper). It took me long to make renders of Susano and Seska... aaaand also I did make it two times because I'm stupid... first time I did it on lower resolution/quality images, oooh... plus in the end I did not used the render of Seska at all, but one I did have for some time.

I really hope fans of this great manga will like this wallpaper and those of you that don't know Orion and like this wallpaper will read it. This manga is worth your time ;-)

Resolution & Link:
1920x1200 (16:10):
1920x1080 (16:9):

Wallpaper made from:
- 26 layers
-- 4 render
- 15 masks
- 3 adjustments
- 10 layer styles

PS: the Miyavi wallpaper was maded after this one